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Old memories from Saltstraumen

Address: 8056 Saltstraumen Show map

Address: 8056 Saltstraumen

Many legends and myths, some of them thousands of years old, have originated from the area near the Saltstraumen current. Particularly well-known to many Norwegians is the saga of King Olav Tryggvason and Raud den Rame, a powerful chieftain who challenged the king and opposed the conversion of Norway to Christianity.

The earliest known traces of human settlement in Bodø are in the Saltstraumen area. There was a settlement of hunters here 10 000 years ago. They lived practically on the edge of the ice, attracted by an abundance of fish in the fast-moving currents. The remains of their settlement were discovered only a few years ago, and are among the oldest archaeological finds in Norway. Some things have not changed; today, the fish bites just as willingly as ever in the current. Along well-marked trails at Tuv, Straum and Ripnes you can wander among unique ancient monuments, which are estimated to be 10 000 years old.

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